LED Lighting Funding for Academies

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LED Lighting Lease for Academies

LED Lighting Funding for Academies

As a Carbon Trust accredited supplier all our academy clients can apply for up to 30% off their energy saving LED lighting project cost up to a maximum of £10,000.

Finding the further 70% can be a stumbling block when looking at switching to LED Lighting and improving energy efficiency in academies.

UK Energy Lighting Operational Lease Solution

UK Energy Lighting provide a fully compliant operational lease solution developed for academies to have energy efficient LED Lighting installed with no up-front cost.

This allows academies to instantly benefit from up to 90% energy savings without the need to use any capital budget to cover the remaining 70% of the installation.

  • Structured Terms Over 3 or 5 Year Periods
    This allows academies to continue with their LED install with a structured payment plan that suits.

  • Pay with Your Savings
    With up to 90% savings made by switching to LED Lighting the savings made will outweigh the cost of the lease.

  • Fixed Payments
    Fixed payments for the whole term of the lease with inflation protection.

  • 10-year warranty on all LED Lighting
    Giving academies peace of mind knowing that if any LED luminaires fail within their operational lease, their academy can request a replacement free of charge.

  • Full Ownership
    One final payment at the end of the operational lease to transfer full ownership
    of the LED Lighting to the academy.

LED Lighting Funding for Academies

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