About Us

UK Energy Lighting specialises in helping UK organisations in both the public and private sectors to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs, by designing, supplying and installing high performance LED Lighting using a fully funded model, so clients don’t have to use their own capital or budget to improve lighting, become energy efficient and make savings.

As we enter a new age of technology and a major shift in focus on efficiency, it is our mission to help as many schools, colleges, hospitals, businesses and organisations as we can. We’re aiming high with targets to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency by at least 50% and aiming even higher, for an 90% decrease in energy usage.

With a professional team, the most current solutions and exceptional UK suppliers, UK Energy Lighting works throughout the country. Our case studies tell the stories of delighted clients from all sectors that are right now saving money and getting the most out of LED Lighting that lasts for years.

To date we are proud to have helped our clients collectively save over millions of pounds in energy costs through our LED Lighting Installations and energy efficiency projects and we would love to work with you, to help you achieve significant energy savings too.

Fully Funded Projects Available – Meaning No Initial Outlay

From schools, colleges and universities to manufacturing and engineering plants, car showrooms, office blocks and retail units, we have an LED Lighting solution that’s just right for the job. With fully funded projects available that mean no initial capital outlay is needed, there’s never been a better time or easier way to become more energy efficient.

There’s a huge amount of unnecessary energy waste here in the UK, that’s also wasting billions of pounds every year. UK Energy Lighting installations consistently save our clients 50-90% energy usage and that leads to savings of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of pounds each and every year. The rewards on all levels are quite astounding.

Our Products and Services

  • LED Lighting Installations
  • LED Lighting Supply

  • Energy Efficiency Audits

  • Energy Efficiency Financing

  • School LED Lighting

  • Industrial LED Lighting

  • Solar PV Installs

  • Biomass Boliers

  • Energy Procurement