UK Energy Lighting provide a variety of tailored energy efficiency funding solutions for both commercial and public sector organisations to suit their individual needs and requirements.

Energy efficiency financing allows organisations to benefit from up to 80% savings gained from installing LED Lighting with no up-front cost including none repayable grants for eligible clients.

Our energy efficient funding solutions are available for all our LED Lighting services and projects.

Salix Finance – Salix finance provides interest-free loans to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency which includes LED Lighting

UK Energy Lighting Finance – We provide financing options with operating/finance leases up to 3 or 5 year periods and asset financing packages.

For further information about our energy efficient funding solutions select one of the solutions below or contact us on 01253 206070 and we can discuss and determine the right solution to help you with the results you require.


  • Funding available for both commercial and Public Sector organisations

  • Install LED Lighting with no up-front cost

  • Use Energy Efficiency Funding and payback through your energy savings

  • Keep your capital in your organisation for other investments

  • High performance premium LED Luminaires

  • Covered by 5-10 year replacement warranties
Salix Finance
UK Energy Lighting Finance