In a World Where Intelligence and Technology Have Become Part of Everyday Life

Lighting is a technology most of us take for granted. We flick a switch and hey presto we expect light to appear for us, giving little thought to what is happening up there.

Which leads me to the question…how intelligent is your lighting?

Over the past few years LED Lighting has fast become one of the leading technologies to improve energy efficiency in our schools, not only here in the UK but across the globe.

With the arrival of smart phones, smart TV’s, smart home security systems, even door bells which answer the door for you it was inevitable smart lighting would enter the list sooner or later.

…and Smart or Intelligent Lighting as we like to say has firmly arrived.

Some might say lighting which reduces energy and costs by 60% is enough, we say we want more.


  • Lighting which turns itself off when it is not needed.

  • Lighting which recognises there is enough natural daylight in the room and dims itself down to 30%, 15% and even zero, turning itself off completely on each of the 3 days of clear blue sky summer we get each year.

  • An intelligent lighting system which helps educate our students on the importance of energy efficiency.

  • An intelligent emergency lighting system which tests itself every month, so you don’t have to.

  • An intelligent lighting system which we can communicate with from anywhere, through our ‘Smart’ phone, tablet or computer. Switches will soon become a thing of the past.

  • A lighting system which gives us heat maps of where students and teachers are spending the most time in the building and where sneaky Pete in year 9 keeps hiding during Maths lessons.

Ok we may be getting a little carried away with the heat maps, but the technology really is now available for you to do this, all of this, all by changing a light bulb!.

Which brings me back to the question…

How intelligent Is your lighting system?

Contact our Green Business Team on and book a free audit today by calling 0333 241 3424 or by clicking below and we will answer that question for you free of charge.

To your energy efficiency!

P.S We have grants and funding available for you to make your lighting efficient and intelligent so don’t worry we won’t ask for a single penny of your budget to fund this. We will actually make you cash positive, that’s how much your existing lighting is wasting in energy costs.