Banks Road Primary School – LED Lighting Installation

The existing lighting installation at Banks Road Primary School in Garston featured various types of fluorescent fittings and the school’s business manager, Doreen Finnegan, was keen to reduce the running and replacement costs of the lighting.

She invited UK Energy Lighting, a market leader in energy efficiency solutions, to survey the school. During the visit, they found out how much the school were currently spending on their energy bills, and how much they could be saving.

Project Overview

  • Energy Spend before LED installation: £8,725

  • Energy Spend after LED installation: £4,354

  • Annual Savings: £4,371

  • Annual Payments: £2,700

  • Annual Cash Gain: £1,672

“We knew we could reduce our electricity bill by changing the lighting but we never dreamed that we’d be £4,000 per year better off. And to make the cost savings even more attractive, we have made the change with no capital investment because UK Energy Watch arranged a payment plan for us and the repayments are taken from the running cost savings. So in fact, the actual savings are even higher because £4,000 is the net gain!”.

Doreen Finnegan – Business Manager of Banks Road Primary School