Skerton St Lukes Primary School
Skerton St Lukes Primary School

Skerton St Lukes Primary School – LED Lighting Installation

After meeting UK Energy Watch at a NASBM conference, the school commissioned UK Energy Watch to conduct an energy efficiency audit to first identify the potential savings the school could make if they upgraded the lighting system to LED Lighting.

The audit identified a saving of over £3000 from simply changing each light fitting to an LED Luminaire.

We also recognised by adding in intelligent controls such as occupancy sensors an additional £600+ of additional savings could be achieved.

The Installation of the LED Lighting and sensors were installed during a 2 week school holiday.

When the students and staff returned they were greeted with a brand new LED smart Lighting system.

This has improved the learning environment dramatically and is now saving the school over £3600 each year.

Project Overview

  • Energy Spend before LED installation: £4840.61

  • Energy Spend after LED installation: £1196.98 

  • Annual Savings: £3643.63

  • Annual Payments: £2210.22

  • Annual Cash Gain: £1433.41