Rentokil – LED Lighting Installation The existing lighting in the warehouse wasn’t performing to it’s full ability and wasn’t a clean source of light and instead appeared more yellow than white. After an energy [...]


Wadham School

Wadham School – LED Lighting Installation – LED Lighting Installation Wadham School’s energy bills were unnecessarily higher than they should have been, by more than 2 times to be more specific! Thanks to a fully [...]


Banks Road Primary School

Banks Road Primary School – LED Lighting Installation The existing lighting installation at Banks Road Primary School in Garston featured various types of fluorescent fittings and the school’s business manager, Doreen Finnegan, was keen [...]


Ashton Community Science College

Ashton Community Science College – LED Lighting Installation Following an audit of the Ashton Community Science College we identified the existing lighting was using and wasting huge amounts of energy per year and proposed [...]