UK Energy Watch

A short video explaining the services provided by UK Energy Watch Group and the benefits of switching to LED Lighting for both the public sector and commercial organisations.

Digital Lumens Videos

A Day in the Light

With next-generation analytics and operational insight, LightRules® software from Digital Lumens improves productivity, safety, and energy costs for industrial and commercial businesses around the world. In this video, learn about the powerful controls and analytics our customers use to optimize their day-to-day operations while increasing the bottom line.

Progressive Dimming

Progressive Dimming is a lighting strategy leveraging the powerful controls found in LightRules, the lighting and energy management software from Digital Lumens. The video on the right shows the powerful overviews the background and demonstrates the strategy which allows for optimised energy savings during peak work hours in high-occupancy environments, without sacrificing employee safety or comfort.

Light Rules

A brief overview of LightRules, by Digital Lumens’ Lighting & Energy Management Software.