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Thank you for requesting an energy saving audit for your Organisation

We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time to visit your Premises. In the meantime please see further information below showing example savings for schools and businesses including a short video, FAQ’s and feedback from other business who have become more energy efficient with UK Energy Lighting.

Join thousands of other smart businesses, who are making the smart decision to install LED Lighting and other efficient technologies to save energy and money.

Feedback from organisations we worked with

UK Energy Lighting did a full energy survey of the Tower. One of the things we needed from the LED’s was that they would dim, and they have been so patient working with us.

The original bulbs they sourced us wouldn’t dim, then others would dim but didn’t have the warmth but eventually they got it right and the new bulbs are shining brightly now ready for us to reopen today for 2016.

We’re incredibly proud of the team, whose dedication and hard work make it possible to maintain and preserve this great British building.

Kenny Mew, Blackpool Tower Ballroom

As soon when we tested the LED products and saw how much they actually improved the lighting as well as saving so much energy, the decision was simple. As a manufacturer with 18+ hours a day operations it is crucial to our business that we obtain minimum operational costs wherever possible.

Andrew Dickenson, Polymeric Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

The best part is our energy audits are completely FREE of charge and no obligation. During our on site audits we assess your current lighting and how much it is costing you to run per year.

We then put together a detailed savings report showing you exactly how much your lights are currently costing you and how much your new LED lighting will cost to run, and we take both running costs and calculate your savings.

LED lights use less wattage than traditional lighting, but give out a better source of light. By using less wattage this means they use less energy, meaning it is much cheaper to run them. It really is one of the breakthrough technologies we are using at the moment.

All of our clients save on average 50% – 90% off your current lighting energy costs. This can be anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds off your energy bills each year depending on the size of your business.

That’s correct you have nothing to pay up front for an LED Lighting Install. We work with Salix, a government funded organisation who fund the cost of the project. This allows you to start saving 50%-90% off your lighting energy costs instantly and you then use a pre-agreed percentage of your savings to pay for the project 100% interest FREE!

We guarantee to get you cash positive from Day and Year 1 so you actually gain money per year as well as having brand new LED Lighting installed.

Following our energy audit Salix’s technical team independently verify all your predicted energy savings to make sure they are accurate and you will actually get these savings following the LED Lighting install.

All our products come backed with a 5-8 year no quibble warranty. If there are any failures we are on site to replace it for you.